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Cube Indoor Worm Farm

CODE: RE-900000


  • Compact design for small households and courtyards

  • Produces rich worm castings and worm tea that fertilise plants and enrich soil

  • Recyclable Packaging perfect to use in your Tumbleweed Cube

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by composting your food waste at home

  • Recycles 2-3kg of organic kitchen waste every week

Product Description

The Tumbleweed Cube is an indoor worm farm designed for smaller households, balconies or courtyards, to reduce your carbon footprint by composting organic food waste at home. Featuring a revolutionary fully-housed system, the Tumbleweed Cube is a modern seamless design with an interior-led aesthetic.

The Tumbleweed Cube recycles organic food waste into a rich fertiliser that can be harvested to use in the garden, to build soil health and fertility while reducing your household's carbon footprint.

• The unique tray housing enables the worm farm to have a linear look, with no gaps or crevices for dust to collect on indoors, achieving a clean, slimline aesthetic and greater practicality. The unique in-tray housing of the working trays enables the worm farm to remain more insulated, resulting in a more consistent ambient temperature within the worm farm, and better moisture retention for increased efficiency.

• The worm farm has a built-in worm tea bucket, that has a level indicator. When full, this is easily removed and can be diluted with 5L water to use on potted plants or a balcony garden.

• Featuring a unique airflow design, the worm farm draws air in through the lid and out through the top of the legs, to promote an aerobic environment, for happy worms!

The Tumbleweed Cube Includes:

- 1 x Ventilated Hinged Lid

- 2 x Large Capacity Working Trays with ergonomic Hinged Handles

- 1 x Ventilated Collector Tray with built-in worm mound

- 4 x Snap-in Legs

- 1 x Worm Tea Bucket with level indicator

- 1 x Worm Farm Bedding Block

- 1 x Instruction Manual and Worm Farming Guide

Did you know that almost half of all household waste is organic and recyclable? Organic waste (food scraps and garden waste) in landfill breaks down and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. It also contributes to landfill leachate which causes water pollution. Reduce your carbon footprint at home by starting a worm farm!

Using a worm farm is a great way to recycle your organic waste to keep it out of landfill. A worm farm will produce an ongoing supply of organic fertiliser in the form of worm castings and worm tea - both fantastic to use on your garden!

What to Feed your Worm Farm:

- Fruit and vegetable scraps and peelings

- Crushed eggshells

- Coffee grounds, tea bags, and tea leaves

- Bread crusts and grains

- Shredded newspaper, egg cartons, shredded cardboard, and non-glossy paper

- Dried leaves

- Small amounts of citrus, onion, and garlic

- Vacuum cleaner dust and hair clippings

To start this worm farm, you will need 1000 Composting Worms. Worms not included.

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