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In-ground Worm Farm

CODE: RE-000301


  • Recycles 1-2kg of kitchen waste every week to lower your carbon footprint

  • Space-saving design that enables maximum space in your garden bed for growing veggies

  • Easy to assemble with a snap-together design

  • Aerated locking lid for increased airflow. The stylish the green lid fits seamlessly into any gardenscape

  • Recycles organic household waste including fruit cores and peelings, veggie peelings, leafy green vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, shredded paper, newspaper and egg cartons.

Product Description

The Tumbleweed Worm Buffet is the easy-care in-ground worm farm that turns your scraps to soil.

Perfect for installation into a raised garden or vegetable bed, The Worm Buffet is the ideal in-ground solution for recycling organic waste at home, to turn your food scraps into soil to nourish surrounding plants.

Worms move in and out through the holes in the unit to digest kitchen scraps and deposit rich castings into the surrounding soil. In-ground worm farms do not require castings to be harvested. Instead, the worms work in a sustainable system of delivering the castings directly into the surrounding soil. This not only fertilises your plants but it helps to build soil health and keep the soil aerated.

For this reason, the Worm Buffet is fantastic in a raised vegetable bed, to nourish and feed your home-grown veggies for a really tasty, lush crop.

Once established, the Worm Buffet will process 1-2kg of kitchen scraps every week. For families that produce more organic waste, Tumbleweed recommends installing multiple Worm Buffet units, as a scaled recycling solution. Worm Buffet units can be installed 1 - 1.5 meters apart for scaled solutions.

To start this worm farm, we recommend 500 composting worms. Worms not included.

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