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10 Year Sealed Battery

Smart Control Carbon Monoxide Alarm

CODE: FP1820W2-R


  • 5 year warranty

  • Advanced electrochemical technology for better CO detection

  • Large central test and silence button feature

  • Sounds a loud 85dB alarm (3 metres)

  • 10 year sealed for life battery

Product Description

The FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm is equipped with advanced electrochemical sensing technology to detect the presents of CO gas.

This smoke alarm has a large central test and silence button feature and is suitable for installation in circulated areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and landings.

This alarm connects directly to the Fire Angel Connect Gateway, providing enhanced diagnostic capabilities and real-time notifications to mobile devices.

This convenient alarm is powered by a 10 year sealed lithium battery with a loud 85dB alarm.

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