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10 Year Sealed Battery

Smart Kitchen Heat Alarm

CODE: FP1720W2-R


  • Resistant to nuisance alarms from cooking fumes

  • 5 year warranty

  • 10 year sealed for life battery

  • Enhanced thermal sensor predicts when the temperature will rise to a dangerous level

  • Sounds a loud 85dB alarm (3 metres)

Product Description

The FireAngel Smart Kitchen Heat Alarm is equipped with an advanced Thermistek sensor technology to monitor for both smoke and temperature increases.

This smoke alarm has a large central test and silence button feature and is suitable for installation in the kitchen, attic and/or garage.

Heat Alarms are specifically designed for areas with fumes and high humidity e.g. kitchens where cooking fumes are present and attics or garages where there is lots of dust.

This convenient alarm is powdered by a 10 year sealed lithium battery and a loud 85dB alarm.

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