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10 Year Lifetime Battery

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

CODE: FA3820-EUX10


  • 5 year warranty

  • Sounds a loud 85dB alarm (3 metres)

  • Pre-Alarm Warning- Open windows to reduce CO poisoning & build up of harmful CO levels

  • 10 year sealed for life battery

  • Advanced electrochemical technology for better CO detection

Product Description

The FireAngel Carbon Monoxide Alarm is equipped with advanced electrochemical sensing technology to detect the presents of CO gas.

The intelligent CO sensing technology enables the alarm's high sensitivity mode to be activated if it predicts CO levels will increase to or above 180ppm for a quicker alert.

This alarm is suitable for installation in residential households, mobile homes, caravans, motor caravans and boats

This convenient alarm is powered by a 10 year sealed lithium battery with a loud 85dB alarm.

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