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Multi Purpose Cleaner Spray 300ml


  • Removes crayon and scuff marks from walls without damaging paint

  • Gets gum out of hair, shoes, carpet, clothes & soft furnishings

  • Will remove stickers from glass & plasticware without the need to scratch, rub or soak

  • Ideal for degreasing tools, floors and equipment

  • Will remove built up soap scum from baths & showers

  • Natural citrus based solvent

  • No overwhelming vapours

  • Biodegradable


The De-Solv-it Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated solution with 100% active ingredients from natural citrus base. It is designed to safely and effectively remove tough grease, grime, sticky residues and dirt while smelling wonderfully fresh.

Fast and effective in removing sticky labels, tapes, gum, crayon and general cleaning of stains.

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