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Stretch Ag-Pipe 65mm x 7m Slotted and Socked

Code: RA-000567


  • Ideal for groundwater drainage such as controlled flow of water into ground or French drains

  • Closely spaced slits allow water ingress or disposal

  • Polyester sock prevents clogging of the slots

  • Can be used in areas where soil or sand require filtration

  • No elbows needed

Product Description

RELN Stretch Ag-Pipe is the perfect DIY ground water drainage solution. Unlike traditional Ag-Pipe, Stretch Ag-Pipe is completely flexible and can bend around any obstacle, making installation quick and easy. Its compact design also allows for easy transport home.

The Filtersock Stretch Ag-Pipe prevents unwanted sediment entering the pipe, which may causes blockages in the line.

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